Concrete Specialties

We have the technology and expertise to handle unique concrete projects.

Restoring and reinforcing a concrete structure requires a specific expertise. Although very strong, concrete is a porous substance that is sensitive to pollutants, moisture and chemicals.

Grayhawk has a qualified team to address the varying kinds of damage and what caused it.


  • Architectural designs
  • Slip-resistant concrete surfaces
  • Removal of paint or stains
  • Rehabilitation of concrete reinforcement

Post-tension Repair & Modification

  • Reinforce structural weakening
  • Relocation of anchorage for new openings such as elevators, stairs and atriums
  • Full or partial replacement of tendons damaged during or after original construction
Post-tension Repair


  • Surface preparation that exceeds industry standards and specifications
  • Waterproofing and sealing
  • Resurfacing of existing coatings
  • Application of materials such as epoxies, polyurethanes, and urethane cements

Repair & Restoration

  • Patching of spalls and poorly consolidated concrete
  • Epoxy and chemical grout injections
  • Form and pour / pump applications
  • Floor leveling
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Slab Jacking
Concrete Repair


  • Route and seal
  • Cove sealant
  • Joint sealant
  • Vertical and horizontal applications

Grinding & Polishing

  • Surface preparations such as glue removal
  • Grind and seal
  • Polished concrete
  • Concrete stains

Grinding and Polishing

Grinding and Polishing

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